Multi-objective optimal control of chemical processes using ACADO Toolkit


  • F. Logist, M. Vallerio, B. Houska, M. Diehl, J. Van Impe


  • Computers & Chemical Engineering,
    Volume 37, pages 191 - 199, 2012.


Many practical chemical engineering problems involve the determination of optimal trajectories given multiple and conflicting objectives. These conflicting objectives typically give rise to a set of Pareto optimal solutions. To enhance real-time decision making efficient approaches are required for determining the Pareto set in a fast and accurate way. Hereto, the current paper illustrates the use of the freely available toolkit ACADO Multi-Objective ( on several chemical examples. The rationale behind ACADO Multi-Objective is the integration of direct optimal control methods with scalarisation-based multi-objective methods enabling the exploitation of fast deterministic gradient-based optimisation routines.



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