ACADO Toolkit – An Open Source Framework for Automatic Control and Dynamic Optimization


  • B. Houska, H.J. Ferreau, M. Diehl


  • Optimal Control Applications and Methods,
    Volume 32, pages 298 - 312, 2011.


In this paper the software environment and algorithm collection ACADO Toolkit is presented, which implements tools for automatic control and dynamic optimization. It provides a general framework for using a great variety of algorithms for direct optimal control, including model predictive control as well as state and parameter estimation. The ACADO Toolkit is implemented as a self-contained C code, while the object-oriented design allows for convenient coupling of existing optimization packages and for extending it with user-written optimization routines. We discuss details of the software design of the ACADO Toolkit 1.0 and describe its main software modules. Along with that we highlight a couple of algorithmic features, in particular its functionality to handle symbolic expressions. The user-friendly syntax of the ACADO Toolkit to set up optimization problems is illustrated with two tutorial examples: an optimal control and a parameter estimation problem.

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