EE120 : Fundamental of Semiconductor Materials and Devices

The goals of this course are to give the EE or CS student an understanding of the fundamental of semiconductor physics and principles of semiconductor devices. This course will mainly focus on the silicon based devices. Three main devices will covered: 1) p-n junctions, 2) bipolar transistors, and 3) field effect transistors.

EE220 : Physics of Semiconductor Devices

This course extends from the Fundamental of Semiconductor Materials and Devices course. In the first 5 weeks of this course the basics of current flow though solid state semiconductor devices can be understood by using some elementary concepts of quantum- and statistical-mechanics. The fundamental properties of semiconductor materials includes Si, Ge and III-V materials will be introduced. In the next 7 weeks, the operation of p-n junctions, metal-semiconductor junctions, bipolar and field effect transistors, and other microelectronic devices will be covered in depth.

EE222 : Optoelectronic Devices

This course covers optoelectronic devices used in today’s optic fiber communication systems from a fundamental point of view. The goal of this course is to help senior undergraduate students or graduate students deeply understand the working principle and the novel design of photonics devices. In this course, the electrical and optical properties of semiconductor materials will be reviewed first. The fundamental of optoelectronics devices such as optic fiber, waveguide, LEDs, photodiodes, laser diodes, and modulators will be discussed in detail.