Prof. Xiaopei Liu attended EuroVis 2019 and visited TUM

From June 3rd to 5th, Prof. Xiaopei Liu attended EuroVis 2019 held in Porto, Portugal. During the conference, Prof. Xiaopei Liu presented his recent work "On Visualizing Continuous Turbulence Scales". In the following days, Prof. Xiaopei Liu visited Technical University of Munich in Germany, and gave a talk on our recent multi-phase lattice Boltmznan method.

Invited talk on multi-phase lattice Boltmznan method

From 27th to 29th of May, Prof. Xiaopei Liu visited the School of Computer Science and Technology of Tianjin University and the Institute of Natural Sciences of Shanghai Jiaotong University. During his visit, Prof. Liu delivered talks on the topic of "A Phase-Field Lattice Boltzmann Method for High-Quality Multiphase Flow Simulations".

Prof. Xiaopei Liu visited Columbia University

Prof. Xiaopei Liu visited the computer graphics lab of Columbia University between May 12 and 14, 2019. Current research progress of both sides are discussed, for both on-going and future collaborations.

Prof. Xiaopei Liu's short-term visiting to University of Pennsylvania

On a ten-day visiting to University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) starting from May 2, 2019, Prof. Xiaopei Liu visited the Computer Graphics Lab of UPenn and had a deep exchange of research ideas with an outlook for furture collaboration.

Prof. Xiaopei Liu visited West China Medical Center

Prof. Xiaopei Liu visited West China Second University Hospital of Sichuan University on December 24 in order to achieve collaboration of both sides on smart healthcare. Prof. Xiaopei Liu proposed that by taking advantage of our innovative fluid computing technology, we can create breakthroughs in interdisciplinary areas. For instance, by conducting blood flow simulations on computer, we can infer the causes of several diseases. Both sides reached consensus on the topic and are looking forward to further collaboration .

Visitors from South China University of Technology

Six graduate students from School of Computer Science & Engineering of South China University of Technology (SCUT) visited FLARE lab on December 9. Both parties introduced their latest and future research and made in-depth academic exchanges. Also, a demonstration of the latest UAV model of FLARE lab was given as a showcase for the UAV lab.

Prof. Xiaopei Liu attended Chinagraph 2018

On November 8, as the biennial top-level conference on graphics in China, Chinagraph, was held in South China University of Technology, Guangzhou, China. Prof. Xiaopei Liu was invited to give a pre-conference course talk on the topic of "Computational Techniques for Fluid Simulation & Visualization".

Prof. Xiaopei Liu attended IEEE VIS 2018 and visited EPFL

IEEE VIS 2018 (the topmost conference in visualization) was held in Berlin, Germany this year from October 20 to 26. Prof. Xiaopei Liu attended the conference and gave a presentation of the previously accepted paper "Towards High-quality Visualization of Superfluid Vortices" on TVCG (IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics). After that, Prof. Xiaopei Liu visited the Computer Graphics and Geometry Laboratory at EPFL, Switzerland.