Shared Facilities

ShanghaiTech Quantum Device Lab (SQDL): SQDL is a world-class clean room opened to the public, which aims to develop semiconductor device technologies as well as to perform interdisciplinary researches. We have access to the advanced tools for micro or nano-meter sized device fabrications and characterizations.

(I) Lithography:
Spin Coater
Wet Bench
SUSS MA6 Mask Aligner
Heidelberg MLA 150 Laser Writer
Elionix Electron Beam Lithography
(II) Deposition & Etching:
Inductively Coupled Plasma Etcher HAASRODE-E200A
Oxford Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition
Picosun Atomic Layer Deposition
Kurt J. Lesker Sputter
Denton Electron Beam Evaporator
(III) Chacterization:
Leica DM4M Optical Microscopy
Bruker Dimension Icon Atomic Force Microscopy
Carl Zeiss Gemini 300 Scanning Electron Microscopy

EE Reserach Platform: It aims to develop novel electromechanical, spintronic, energy devices. We have access to various electrical, optical and magnetic measurement systems in this shared platform as follows:

Cryogenic Lakeshore Probe Stations
Cryogenic Oxford Electrical Properties Measurement Systems
VersaLab Physical Parameter Measurement Systems
Evico Magnetic Kerr Microscopy