SIT Lab Facilities (SIST 1B-B101)

MOKE Probe Station: The Kerr microscope has the ability to track the real time magnetic information with the simultaneous acquisition of millions of data points. Besides, the integration of probes in this system makes it even more powerful to record magnetization switching in spintronic devices that is triggered by current, microwave or laser.

4 sets of DC probes with XYZ actuators
Customized table surface with PMA and IMA fields:
A. Perpendicular field: up to 1.0 Tesla @ 1 cm gap, 0.5 T@2.3 cm Gap
B. In-plane field: up to 0.7 T (2 poles); up to 0.35 T (4 poles)
Carl Zeiss, Upper stand part Axio Scope.
High end camera
A. 4 mega pixels
B. 30 frames/second
C. Quantum efficiency 82%
D. Dynamic range 33,000:1
Objective lens, default 5X, 20X, 100X, Mitutoyo.

ULVAC QAM Sputter: It is an ultra-high vaccum sputtering tool that is aimed to deposit various magnetic heterostructures with precise control of the thickness of each layer down to sub nm range. The unique features of the system are listed as follows:

3 deposition chambers, 1 transfer chamber and 1 loadlock
Base pressure: 6.7X10-7 Pa (deposition), 6.7X10-5 Pa (loadlock)
12 targets with 4 DC and 4 RF power supplies
Heating up to 700 oC in SP1, 500 oC in SP2 and SP3
Linear shutter in SP2
Loadlock cassestte with 5 pcs of 4 inch wafers