Prof. Xiaopei Liu obtained his PhD in computer science and engineering from The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and did postdoctoral research at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore. His current research interests mainly focus on high-performance fluid simulation with lattice Boltzmann method and its coupling to solids, scientific visualization and rendering, as well as unmanned aerial vehicles, with applications to multiple areas.


Ph.D. Students

Chaoyang Lyu is interested in the lattice Boltzmann simulation of fluid flows and computer graphics techniques, with a particular focus on fluid-solid coupling with arbitrary solid geometries, as well as thermal and compressible flow simulations with turbulence.


Master Students

Chenqi Luo is interested in the lattice Boltzmann fluid simulation for blood flow simulation with complex vessel geometries and topologies, with applications to non-invasive medical diagnosis.


Renyou Yan is interested in autonomous path planning for unmanned aerial vehicles as well as novel view synthesis for aerial applications based on machine learning techniques. He is now achieving this goal based on a "virtual-to-real" flight simulation system he developed.


Kefei Wu is interested in unmanned aerial vehicles related topics, with a particular focus on dynamic obstacle avoidance of UAV based on end-to-end learning.


Jiazi Yan is interested in automatic segmentation of CTA data for coronary arteries, with a purpose for 3D blood vessel reconstruction and blood flow simulation.


Xinyi Fu is interested in training virtual agents based on fast physically based simulator. Currently, he is exploring generalizable reinforcement learning schemes for underwater virtual agents.


Xuanchen Zhou is interested in the fluid simulation within a local domain, with interaction to large-scale background flows. He is also interested in machine learning based fluid simulation techniques.


Xiaoyu Xiao is currently intersted in multiphase fluid simulation, with a particular focus on the application of multiphase fluid simulation in complex geometric scenarios.


Mengyun Liu is now working on isosurface rendering with efficient adaptive volumetric ray casting. Her current research interests mainly focus on 3D rendering, especially for 3D visualization of turbulent fluid datasets. She is also interested in high performance fluid simulation techniques.


Lin Ding is currently interested in the lattice-Boltzmann-based fluid simulation for multicomponent multiphase flows and its applications in computer graphics.


Undergradute Students

Zhanrui Zhang is interested in physically based rendering and fluid simulation. He is currently working on realistic volume and surface rendering of smoke in complex environment.


Hongtu Xu is interested in fluid simulation as well as physically based animation and rendering. He is currently working on high performance realistic smoke rendering and later on fluid simulation techniques.


Student Alumni

Hua Zong

Hua Zhong obtained his master's degree in June, 2018, with a focus on the research of multi-resolution volume rendering. He is now working at NetEast, Inc..

Tianyang Ge

Tianyang Ge worked in FLARE lab in 2019 as an undergraduate student, with a focus on photorealistic rendering of massive particles and related rendering with both fluid and solid involved.

Yixin Chen

Yixin Chen joined FLARE lab in 2018 as an undergraduate student, and continued to work as research assistant after graduation until 2020. She mainly focused on GPU-based parallel optimization for high-performance large-scale fluid flow simulations, and is now pursuing her PhD at the University of Toronto.

Jiajia Fan

Jiajia Fan was interested in computer graphics and human-computer interaction. Her research interest was real-time gesture-based interaction for fluid flow control.

Xuhui Liu

Xuhui Liu was interested in unmanned aerial vehicles, from operation skills to algoritghms. His research interests were obstacle avoidance and path planning for drones.

Xinyi Liu

Xinyi Liu was interested in autonomous navigation of unmanned aerial vehicles based on machine learning techniques in a "virtual-to-real" environment. She had been an exchange student at UC Berkeley in the spring of 2020, and is now pursuing her postgraduate study in the US.

Chunhao Wang

Chunhao Wang was interested in adaptive and efficient point sampling on the surface of the mesh for fluid coupling in simulation, computer graphics, as well as visualization and rendering.  He is now now pursuing his postgraduate study in the US.

Wei Li

Dr. Wei Li was interested in efficient simulation of different kinds of fluids by kinetic approaches, with applications in computer graphics and CFD. He obtained his PhD degree in June 2021, and will soon join INRIA at France for his postdoc, working with Prof. Mathieu Desbrun.

Yiran Sun

Yiran Sun was interested in fluid simulation with complex obstacles, as well as unmanned aerial vehicle techniques. His interests focus on aerodynamic simulation with complex geometric shapes, with application to UAV design and control.

Xinghao Wang

Xinghao Wang was interested in deformable body simulation, with a focus on fast thin-shell simulation with machine learning techniques. He is currently working for Tencent.

Kai Bai

Dr. Kai Bai was interested in numerical simulation of fluid flows, machine learning, computer graphics, as well as their applications to fast fluid flow simulation and fluid data compression. He was also applying the lattice Boltzmann method for simulating blood flows for medical diagnosis. He obtained his PhD degree in June 2022.

Wenji Liu

Wenji Liu was interested in applying high-efficiency physically-based simulation techniques for training intelligent agents in virtual environments, as well as applying AI technologies to various applications (virtual agents in video games, real robotic tasks, etc.). After graduation, he will be working at Tencent.

Yihui Ma

Yihui Ma was interested in aerodynamic and multiphase flow simulation with kinetic approaches, as well as their applications in both computer graphics and computational fluid dynamics. After graduation, she will be working at Tencent.

Former Researchers

Yulong Guo

Yulong Guo did research as a research assistant from 2015 to 2016 at FLARE lab, with a focus on two-phase lattice Boltzmann method for fluid simulation, as well as superfluid simulation and vortex visualization.

Wenbo (Emma) Wang

Wenbo Wang did postdoctoral research from 2017 to 2018 at FLARE lab for multi-dimensional data visualization and visual data analytics.

Shuai Wang

Shuai Wang did his research at FLARE lab as a research assistant, where he worked on compressible flow simulation including shockwaves based on kinetic approach. He has left the lab and is now pursuing his master's degree at the University of Amsterdam.

Daoming Liu

Daoming Liu did his postdoctoral research at FLARE lab. His primary interests were various kinds of fluid flow and scalar transport phenomena, such as urban atmospheric environmental flow, quantum fluids, fluid simulation and animation for computer graphics, etc. He was also interested in parallel computing. He is now working as a postdoc research fellow at KAUST.

Shiyang Jia

Shiyang Jia worked as a research assistant at FLARE lab from Sep. 2020 to Mar. 2021. She worked on GPU-based thin shell simulation with high stiffness.

Ling Xie

Ling Xie obtained his bachelor's degree from Shanghaitech University in June 2019 and joined FLARE lab as a research assistant after graduation till June 2021. He mainly focused on machine learning and simulation of the fluid flows, and will pursue his master's degree at University of Pennsylvania.