About the Group                                                                       

Our group conducts research primarily in computer engineering, the interdisciplinary field between computer science and electrical engineering. Some specific problems that we are currently working on include machine learning for chip design, chip design for deep learning, energy-efficient communication/power supply and hardware security. For a quick (incomplete) introduction of our recent and past group research, you can read this file Group_Research_2019_07 .


1. We have openings for highly motivated PhD students. One opening is held for the BDMC program at UC Berkeley, see the position description here: BDMC_PhD_file

2. Our group is also looking for a highly motivated postdoc in device modeling, who will be co-advised by Prof. Chenming Hu@UC Berkeley. [Position Description

Recent News:

  •  ● 2019/6/6: Our joint team w/ Zhejiang Univ. won 3rd place in the GPU group@DAC
  • SDC contest.
  • ●2019/5/20: two doctoral students (Wei Gao and Leilei Wang) and two master students (Dingcheng Jia and Yajun Yang) defended their dissertations. Congratulations! Wei Gao and Leilei Wang will join Baidu this summer; Dingcheng Jia and Yajun Yang will join Marvell and ARM in this July respectively.
  • ● 2019/5/2: one paper was accepted by IEEE Access.
  • ● 2018/11/8: one paper was accepted by DATE 2019 as long presentation.
  • ● 2018/9: three new students, Linfeng Zheng, Yuan Liu and Chengguang Zhang, joined our group as master students. Welcome!
  • ● 2018/8/27: one paper was accepted by TCAD.
  • ● 2018/6/5: Yaguang Li presented his work at DAC 2018.
  • ● 2018/5/18: three master students, Yaguang Li, Jiuxin Zhang and Hui Zhao, defended their master theses. Congratulations! Yaguang will join the Ph.D. program at Texas A&M university in this September; Jiuxin and Hui will join Cadence and AMD in this July respectively.
  • ● 2018/5/4: three papers were accepted by Integration, the VLSI journal.