Spin orbit torque is an energy efficient technique to write the magnetic information.

Magneto-resistance is adopted to sensitively detect the stored magnetic information.

Magnetic noise is related to the motion of magnetic domains and the flow of spin current.

News & Updates

March 11, 2021: Our collaboration work "Gate-All-Around MOSFET Built on Void Embedded Silicon on Insulator Substrate" has been accepted by IEEE Electron Device Letters. Congrats!

February 19, 2021: Dr. Yang got the driving liscence, and finally became legal to take off on the road. Cheers!

February 12, 2021: Our collaboration prespectives with Prof. Yihong Wu from National University of Singapore (NUS) "Charge-spin interconversion and its applications in magnetic sensing" has been published online Journal of Applied Physics. It is a enlightening summary of the past few years of research on spin orbit torque applications in magnetic sensors.

Janurary 6, 2021: Dr. Yang survived the first year as a PI: (i) taught EE221 Solid State Physics and EE221 Introduction to Nanoelectronics; (ii) partially finished the infrastructure construction of the lab at SIST 1B-B101. More to go!