Spin orbit torque is an energy efficient technique to write the magnetic information.

Magneto-resistance is adopted to sensitively detect the stored magnetic information.

Magnetic noise is related to the motion of magnetic domains and the flow of spin current.

Recent Highlights

Janurary 5, 2022: Dr. Yang finished teaching EE120 Fundamental of Semiconductor Devices to undergraduate students (first undergraduate course after joining), and now he becomes a junior year assistant professor. Cheers!

December 18, 2021: Our work, entittled "Optimal Spin Polarization for Spin-Orbit-Torque Memory and Oscillator", with Prof. Zhifeng Zhu, has been accepted by IEEE Transaction on Electron Devices. Congrats Zhenxiao!

December 14, 2021: Our collaboration work "Controlled growth of ultrathin ferromagnetic β-MnSe semiconductor", with Prof. Lixing Kang at SINANO, CAS has been accepted by SmartMat. Congrats!

September 18, 2021: Our collaboration work "Narrow-Band Semiconductor Heterostructures for Efficient Spintronic Memory Device Applications", with Prof. Xufeng Kou, has been accepted for oral presentation at the 67th IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting, to be held in December 11-15, 2021. Congrats!

September 7, 2021: Our work, entittled "Modeling of Hot Carrier Injection on Gate-Induced Drain Leakage in PDSOI nMOSFET", has been accepted for oral presentation at the 4th IEEE International Conference on Integrated Circuits, Technologies & Applications, to be held in November 24-26th, 2021. Congrats Yijun!