Openings for Graduate Students

Each year our group seeks highly motivated students to fill a few openings for Ph.D. students, who can graduate with a Master degree if they fail the Ph.D. Qualify Exam or only want to do a Master.  

Several unique opportunities for our group members:

1) They have the opportunities to work on joint research projects with some of the top research groups in the world. For instance, the BSIM group lead by Prof. Chenming Hu@UC Berkeley and Prof. Xin Li's group@Duke University. See more about our collaborators at

2) Excellent members also have the opportunities to visit our partner groups for either a long or short term. For instance, in Spring 2015 we sent one student to visit Prof. Jan M. Rabaey's group@UC Berkeley for half a year, see, and in Fall 2017, we sent one student to visit Prof. Sachin Sapatnekar's group@Univ. of Minnesota for one year. 

3) For those students who graduate with a master degree from our group, they can either 1) easily find an industrial job in the local area around ShanghaiTech with decent pay, or 2) join a research group in top institutes in USA to pursue their PhD degrees. See for the first positions of our group alumni.

Applicants are expected to have strong background on at least part of the following aspects: programming skills and algorithm design, optimization theory, VLSI design and computer architecture. If interested, please send your resume to